I’ve been evaluating GWT for building rich front-ends for web apps.

Like most folks, I quickly found that while GWT is a very good implementation of a spectacular idea (write your whole application in one language - Java, of course), the set of widgets provided out of the box leaves a bit to be desired.

I started evaluating the GWT Incubator code, and that adds lots of good stuff for which you might be tempted to go to a third-party library. The advantage here is that the good stuff is very likely to eventually find it’s way into the official GWT code-base.

One big thing missing from GWT/GWTIncubator is a good, all-purpose grid. Yes, GWT has a grid, but it is very limited. So I had a look at MyGWT.

MyGWT’s grid is a good start (see the TableViewer example). Not entirely ready for prime-time, but a good start.

I found that the column sorting was a little buggy - the column sort indicator gets out of sync with the actual sort direction. I filed a bug report, and got a fix in an incredibly short period of time - less than 24 Hrs. Here is a link to the fixed MyGWT TableViewer in svn.