My name is Rich Freedman.

I live in historic Lambertville, NJ, USA, and I’m a software architect/developer/consultant in the Philadelphia, PA area, working for Chariot Solutions, a Java / RoR / Mobile Consulting Company.

I've been developing software professionally for over 25 years, initially in C and C++, and have been specializing in Java development since the early days of version 1.2, web development for about as long as the web has been in existence (remember archie, veronica, and gopher?), and have now been doing mobile (mostly native Android) development for several years.

I'm an M.V.B. (Most Valuable Blogger) at, which means that some of my posts here show up on DZone as well. I also occasionally guest-post on Chariot's blog

I'm an avid GNU/Linux user, used Ubuntu as my sole development environment for several years, and still run an Ubuntu server at home. I switched over to Mac Powerbook Pros shortly after arriving at Chariot, and find OS X to be an ideal development environment - the niceties of Apple's user interfaces on top of a BSD-Unix core.

The majority of the content here is likely to be about software (mostly Java), Linux and OS X, but I like to cook, so you’ll also find the occasional recipe here as well.