I just arrived at JavaOne 2009, in San Fransisco, CA. Got here pretty much just in time to register before the registration desk closes for the evening. Things really get started tomorrow.

My first impression upon arrival was, “wow - this is really big” (yes, this is my first JavaOne - can you tell?)

Registration was interesting - Sun obviously spent a boatload of money setting up registration - and in my case at least, it didn’t work properly. I entered my email address when asked, and was presented with “invalid registration!”. I scanned the barcode on my registration confirmation - again, “invalid registration!”. The helpful folks at the registration desk took care of it though, and I’m in.

My subsequent interactions with the conference’s technology have gone better - The “JavaCard” (I’m guessing that it’s a Java-based smart-card) worked flawlessly at the swag pickup desk.

Then, I found the bank of computers for checking email, etc. They’re SunRay 270 thin clients, and upon inserting my JavaCard, I was presented with options for Ubuntu, Windows, or OpenSolaris desktops. There’s a big pool of these running on VirtualBox. Interesting! I’m writing this blog post from the Ubuntu desktop - I feel right at home! Read more at http://wikis.sun.com/display/DesktopVirtualization/Sun+VDI+for+JavaOne